Visual Effects

The creation of visual simulations has to be seen as two distinct areas of work, that is the still pictures, and the motion works. It takes a slightly different set of expertise to create the right effects in each of the cases, and the tools that are available to each situation are somewhat different too. The big difference to visuals done in still pictures and the movies is the need to be animated in the presentation, as with the motion pictures.

If ever there has been a constant in the field of creating visual effects, then it has to be the changes that seem to take place on a daily basis. Even the formats of movies have changed so much the past few decades that it takes a fair bit of thinking to relate the present day pictures to the ones of the earlier times and era.

Course Outline

  • Introduction Adobe Photoshop
  • Graphic design
  • Video production

Career Opportunities

  • Video editor
  • VFX production coordinator
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