VFX Paint


The field of special effects deals with basic images. The motion created in most animation packages are but single images that are projected one after the other to create a sense of movement. This is possible due to the nature of the human eye to keep parts of the previous images still in the mind which in turn creates overlapping pictures with the new picture and thus the effect of motion. When images are being worked on either as standalone pictures or as the constituents of moving pictures, a key area of focus is to make changes to the original work. The term paint is used to name the act of changing aspects of the original images to render a modified version of the original or an entirely new one. Every illustrator works to his strong points, and if some sort of aid could be devised to leverage the ability of the artist, it should be welcomed by all.

Course Outline

  • Introduction Adobe Photoshop
  • Basics of VFX Paint
  • Advanced VFX Paint
  • Comp

Career Opportunities

  • VFX Paint Artist
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