About Us

“Create stunning visuals and seamless effects with beginner to advanced training in compositing. Take your skills to a whole new level with Rotomaker Academy.”

Rotomaker academy founded by Mike Yatham, located in the Moula-Ali, Hyderabad and offers a full curriculum for careers in visual effects, professionals in need of specialized training, custom training for production studios. In conjunction with several major studios across globe, our instructors and our esteemed advisory board, Rotomaker Schools curriculum and facilities have been designed to constantly evolve to reflect any new demands that may arise from the entertainment industry.
Rotomaker academy of advance Visual effects is a one and only innovative training facility offering real-time industry-driven programs with personalized training from instructors who have worked on some of the biggest and most impressive films. Our courses are designed to energize your creativity and refine your artistic skills as it readies you for a career in the ever-changing VFX industry. We know that it is not the technology that drives results, but the artist who started using the technology to bring their imaginations to life.
Rotomaker academy students will be Utilizing an innovative approach to education, our training courses are designed to reflect the real-world needs of the media and entertainment industry. Our main motto is to excel students in their specified job opportunities. Students at rotomaker academy will gain hands on experience while learning in the post-production environment. Training students in latest cutting edge technologies and techniques to align with the production team and produces results from day one.
We are proud to convey that rotomaker academy is one of the organization in Hyderabad which has Authorization from The Foundry to train Students on Nuke for compositing.